About Fearless City

About Fearless Fearless is a project of the DTES Community Arts Network (CAN)

The Fearless website is a community portal that functions as a fountain would in a village’s central plaza: a media cluster to advance community health and liveability through communication and empowerment. Both the producers & participants as well as our audience include: residents, videographers, producers and writers, photographers, web developers, arts critics, arts marketers, academic institutions, cultural industries, and agencies.

The purpose of the larger Fearless Media Project is to facilitate community participation in the creation of media and community dialogue on issues relevant to people in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver. This cultural initiative connects documented visions and practices with community priorities and goals. With oversight from the DTES Community Arts Network coordinating body (CANCore), Fearless functions as a portal to arts and culture in “the heart of the city.”

Fearless is a community arts initiative that prioritizes an inclusive process and involvement of people in media making. Context is central; this media is situated in more public, accessible and resonant places, geared to a specific audience and a specific time. Fearless is reflective of and responsive to the DTES community.

Fearless fosters engagement with the community by giving voice to the experiences of local people and amplifying their stories. The community-building dynamic happens in many ways: by providing access to resources and training people in media production; by bringing people together to address community issues and explore the rich culture of the Downtown Eastside; and by cultivating understanding through listening and dialogue.