Magic Mushrooms Documentaries and Studies

The interest of magic mushrooms aka psilocybin mushrooms have been a thing since the 1900s. With the rise of popularity of using mushrooms as medicine for anxiety, depression, and PTSD, we are starting to see more clinical studies. For example, John Hopkins and University of British Columbia in Canada are researching the positive benefits of … Read more

Fearless & Psilocybin Dispensaries Review Comparison

Dec 26 2023 – Fearless City’s Pick of Magic Mushroom Dispensary Ratings Shipping Speed Quality Customer Service Sunset City Mushrooms (Open) 4.7/5 Super Fast High Excellent Loose Moose Delivery (Shutdown) 4.0/5 Average Medium Average Dispensary GTA 3/5 Average Medium Slow Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary in Vancouver Canada As I sit down to write this review, it’s … Read more